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Is this what i think it is are they as rare as ppl say? Wheeling Morgan Vase??

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I think this could be an american Wheeling Morgan Vase. Its 7 and 7/8 inches tall and has an offset polish out pontil dip. White inner shell cased in a clear yellowish glass make the bottom half custard yellow and top half is deep burgundy becoming a lighter colour where it meets the clear bit.

If its what i think it is id be very happy. If theres any American glass ppl out there that can help.


My's Hobbs Brockunier remake (facsimile) of the Morgan vase. Shading is correct, white cased interior is correct, everything looks legit plus I've handeled two of these before. Only thing you are missing is the amber dragons stand. Nicely done. Ken

Thankyou Ken. I knew it was something special when i saw it. When you know youve seen it before but cant place it. Ive done a bit of research before coming here with it but wasnt conviced.
As i found it here in England in mid sized antique shop probably very unusual to find it here and im very doubtful ill find a dragon stand for it here. Maybe i should go back and go through the place with a fine tooth comb. 

Well one or two small surface scratches and a tiny impact on the outside of the rim otherwise well.. even with im chuffed so far.

Paul S.:
those with the Grovers book, or similar, will know what is being discussed  -  perhaps foreversearching or Ken will just give a little more text about the 'Morgan' vase, please :) :)

Im no expert what ive learned about this vase is all new probably Ken would know more but from what i read its an interesting story
 A Chinese porcelain vase that made headlines in 1886 when it was sold by the estate of Mary Morgan for $18,000 and shortly afterwards these glass versions were made and sold because it was a ready made market what with all the coverage the Morgan vase had got.

Apologies for me calling it a Morgan vase originally im rushing around a bit excited to find out more the vase i have is one of the (we think) glass version made by Hobbs Brunier Co? did i spell that right.


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