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Uranium Opalescent Rigaree/Trailed Bud Vase I.D Request

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Otis Orlando:
Hi, Can anyone identify this rare overlaid glass bud vase.  I have tried to research this vase and managed to find some that do bare similarities, however, not with the additional applied clear and striped overlay as shown, especially paying attention to the shape of the body of the vase compared to others.   My first thoughts were Murano, when observing the base support(footed).   I am now thinking that this may not be Murano after all.  Harrach and Fenton are also on my line of research.  Any help on maker appreciated!   I have dated this vase around the late 1900's.  I am sure someone will correct me on this. 

H. 21.3cm  Dia. at top 3.1cm

Here are just some of the sites I have visited:-

Almost certainly Bohemian and very possibly Harrach. They seemed to like this stripey stuff. Rare is probably a bit rich. Uncommon might be better. I think you mean late 1800s though.

Here are some Harrach examples (Ignore the custard ones)

Otis Orlando:

--- Quote from: Lustrousstone on December 05, 2012, 07:35:24 AM ---Rare is probably a bit rich. Uncommon might be better. I think you mean late 1800s though.

--- End quote ---

Hi Christine.   Thanks for your info. and comments.  Uncommon it is  ;).   I did not realise that this vase could be over 200 years old.  That maybe the reason why the supports show clear signs of ware.  Since you have dated this as being older than what I initially thought,  I decided it would be a good idea to inspect the vase thoroughly.  On close observation, I have noticed inscribed/scratched markings to the outer edge of the pontil area.  BM3, BN3 or BA13, I think.  On the opposite side of the pontil I can just about make out the letter S or 5 and a signature.  I am not too sure.  It is clearly signed by hand, like a Doctor signing a prescription form.  I just can't make out the signature as it looks like a letter on top of a letter. ::). If this is a Harrach vase I am aware that there are still ongoing investigations into decoding the markings/signatures to the later pieces.   I have taken xtra pics. to assist, but having difficulty under artificial lighting.  I will have to see if I can take a better picture in natural light, unless you have any suggestions other that purchasing a high quality camera ;D.     

think you are getting mixed up with 18th century and late 1800. 18th century is 1700 to 1799. late 1800 is 19th century is just over 100 years still a good age for glass.


Looks like someone scratched their post code on it. Marks are sometimes found on the enamelled ones, but not usually this sort. Your vase is probably just over 100 years old


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