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Uranium Opalescent Rigaree/Trailed Bud Vase I.D Request

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Thanks for the term īlifelightī and the link, Christine!   :-* Hadnīt heard of that before.
And now itīs getting interesting, Glaskillian....  :D
I recently purchased a pair of vases like yours - same mould-blown shape, but with a
decoration in pink and aventurine, which is a colour combination found on Welz pieces:
So Iīd say your striped vase is possibly rather a Welz than a Harrach.
Unfortunately mine havenīt arrived yet , because the auction house mixed up some parcels,
but Iīll post some pictures as soon as possible.

Kristi - thanks for adding the photo of the display at Passau museum. That is the first visual evidence I have seen (I don't have many books covering Bohemian wares) for a number of Harrach items using pinchwork for body decor and foot.

At least the thumbnail from the auction is still visible:
See sixth from the bottom of the page.

Hiya@Minneapolis!  :D

Kevin - I'm just happy I am able to provide Passau photos!  I took hundreds.  What an amazing collection.  Here's another few examples.

Hi Dirk!  I was in Germany in October, and whever I saw an organ I thought of you.  Wish I'd had more time, we could have met.  How far are you from Braunschweig?  My best friend lives there.  Too late now, I guess, but I'll make it back some day!  BTW, I love your Groucho Marx quote.

Was bedeutet "nachverkauf"?  There's a piece on that auction site that catches my eye.

I don't know about Welz.  Seems rather "plain" for them.  Not that plain is a bad thing, it's a lovely vase, but Welz seems to add a touch of something to their pieces that sets them apart.  I love Welz.  Beautiful pieces you have!  And you'd obviously know more about them, so who am I to say?

Otis Orlando:
Wow! I have never heard of Passau Museum.   Thanks for posting the pictures Kristi, I have saved the Passau Museum Site to my favourites for future reference and since your post have been able to gather more interesting information.  I now know why Christine stated that rare is a bit rich.  I think I too  need to invest in some Bohemian glassware books. ;D  I've had this vase for about five years now and never really took much interest in it.  It was only whilst searching for a Mary Gregory vase amongst my collection that I spotted this vase and my first thoughts were just to try it under U.V light.  Once I knew it was uranium glass I thought it would be a good idea to post it.  Having limited amount of knowledge on Uranium glass, I was introduced to this site, which I think is of interesting  reading:   


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