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Uranium Opalescent Rigaree/Trailed Bud Vase I.D Request

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Thanks a lot for the insight in glass-making, John. It reminds me a lot of old painting techniques,
where often the final colour you see and itīs brilliance is achieved by various different layers.
And another lovely piece of Welz you have there.  :)

Hi John, and glad to see you here....  I really am....

I agree with the ideas of inner linings having an effect on outwardly visual color. IMHO, in many cases, multicolor layer decors are such that it likely would have been made by at least a couple, if not more companies. The oxblood and white spatter decor is a good example of a simple decor to produce with no real strong identifying characteristics. Multicolor spatter, or end of day decors as some call them, are also a good example of a decor which is difficult to isolate versions of.

IMHO, in the case of these types of decors, reasonably unique shapes become critical for the purpose of attribution. Some shapes are almost useless for the purpose of attribution, but some are quite unique and can be used......  In many cases it becomes the combination of things which allow for an attribution.

Dirk, I know you said presumably.... and I happen to agree with which direction things likely point.....  but as I said before, I need something solid to make it an attribution over a suspicion.  (I want to believe also) Other than the links being claimed on CW, I have never seen anything which would support a trophy vase being made by Ruckl...  I am not saying they didn't....  I just like something reasonable to link it....  Not a decor like the oxblood spatter and a series of what I see as unfounded leaps....

The yellow interior of the Lifelight is a different interior color than the other examples. That is explained away as a variation of the Oxblood decor by Ruckl. The interior of the other pieces are a also a couple of different reds if I am not mistaken.... another reason I would likely look at multiple different sources for the decor.   I have seen this type of decor with at least 5 different interior colors...... 3 shades of red, yellow, and clear..... That includes the large piece I own in a different shape than any of the others, and also what appears to be a different interior color, kind of a bright Magenta......  I have no idea who produced mine.... I just acquired it recently... Pics attached.....

Interestingly, in a video posted on the internet from the Tango exhibition, the upturned leaf pattern with the leaf feet on the Lifelights on CW is actually shown in the Welz case on a tri-ball footed piece in pink. To me at least, that foot design on a tri ball foot is a much stronger pointer as to source, than a simple cased decor. Here is a link to the video.....  There were also a couple of pieces in the exhibition which confirmed some of my earliest Welz attributions of decors.....

I look forward to hearing about your friends pics....  and please check if there were any other Welz images from the same source....

We possibly donīt need his permission; I just found I have pictures from the Nový Bor showcase in my Picasa here:
#17, 19, 20 (only left vase) and 21 are Welz. Are these ok for you?

The tango exhibition it seems was a different one to the one you linked to, Craig. There are also some pictures in the
same folder - some Welz tango among. Unfortunately the original pictures got lost during my last yearīs computer crash,
so there are only those in the picasa album left. I had photographed all the pattern book posters you can see in the
background of some pictures...  :'(

Great pics there......  #35 is also Welz..... Too bad about the images of the posters... would have loved to see a copy of each of those.    Both sets of pics, yours and his would be great if he will give permission. You have a better shot of the red trophy with what appears to be mica inclusions, his picture of the tall multicolor piece is better....  Too bad about the images you lost.....   Great stuff there.....  Helps a lot......  I had not seen the decor on the trophy vase in red with mica before, although it appears to be a red ground version of Salt and Pepper on the site.....  bit by bit the picture gets bigger....  Let me know about your friends pics.... Thanks!!!

Iīll ask anyway then...  :)
Think the inclusions are gold, but perhaps they vary.  I recently missed a green version of this decor...  :(


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