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Uranium Opalescent Rigaree/Trailed Bud Vase I.D Request

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Hi Dirk, No problem. Would you please thank him for me......

Yes, as far as Ruckl goes the bulk of it has been perpetuated by one seller who has sold the same glass as Bohemian, English Cottage, Welz, and now Ruckl.

As of now, I can actually link many of these pieces to Welz, but it would require the use of several images of pieces she sold.  Time is on my side and I will get the images, and/or examples I need to be able to publish links which will be quite strong....  I just recently purchased one with the help of a friend in the UK that bought it from a seller there that would not ship to the US. 

I will post an image of it here.... and better ones when I actually get it.  The shape is important because it was in the Tango Exhibit and is recognized as a Welz shape,. It is also quite distinct, so it is a strong link to other pieces. The decor on this one is also a little on the unique side, so fairly easy to spot on other pieces....  Additionally, the same shape can be found in at least 2 other decors that link to examples of the life lights like the pink, green and white one in your pic..... Also a Welz shape that can be linked to the Oxblood and white decors also... I would only make that leap in the Oxblood decor using a definite shape, or reinforced with multiple links to the same shapes....

Additionally, in one of your images there is an image of a Trophy vase in a unique shape with an octagonal base and body that I have also found in the same unique form in the oxblood and white decor being used as a "Link" to all of the "Ruckl items being attributed. As a serious researcher trying to figure some of this out, it is offensive to me to see what is happening....  I will also post that example here. the last image in the group is an exact shape, including the ribbing, that is found in the pink, green and white decor shown in your image above on a life light.....

All pics used with the permission of the owners.

Here are a couple of Google searches to try....  These will display amazingly similar sets of images....

Welz Vase Goodwin

Ruckl Vase Goodwin

You can really look to this as a major source of the great influx on ebay.  People see it and then start repeating it..... You will also see a surprising number of these attributions by other sellers which say in the description that a "kind ebayer" emailed to tell them their item was Ruckl....

Thanks again on the pics and getting a hold of the gentleman.


Images are as follows:
1) Welz shape in a spatter decor - My new vase - Same shape is in the Welz case in the Tango Exhibit in Yellow Variegated in this link. Far left end.

2) Welz Octagonal in Oxblood Spatter
3) Welz Octagonal in Navy Bor - Pink Variegated
4) Welz shape as seen in Tango Exhibit - Red Variegated - Czechoslovakia stamp - Interwar production

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Bought two of these today, thought the shape and decor may be of interest. Can I assume Welz?


Hi John, Yes....  I would say Welz....  May I use your pics in my research? and probably on the website site when I am done with my current project...

Thanks, Craig

Let me sort some better photos tomorrow Craig, too cold and late for a trip into the attic now. Some very nice coffee is keeping me awake...

BTW, I sent a bunch of Kralik photos a while back, did they arrive?

I believe so....  when I looked I see that I did not reply, so apologies for that......  I had a bunch of really weird work stuff going on then and was really preoccupied at the time....


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