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Uranium Opalescent Rigaree/Trailed Bud Vase I.D Request

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And a another friend

Think we´re doing some great team-work here.  :group-hug: :thup:

Hello all, I have added a section to my website under the Welz menu. It is "Welz Research". Here is a link to the intro page which has a link at the bottom of it which walks through the results of a couple of years of research and waiting for examples which would, IMHO, link the Harlequinn and Honeycomb decors, and others now also, to Welz production.

Several of the examples in the article were provided through this and other posts on this site. It would not have been possible without the help of folks here.  I hope that readers enjoy the article. I think the link to Welz for these pieces is supported quite strongly.


Well done Craig. Here's another variation on a shape you have

Thanks Christine.  For both the link and the compliment!


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