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Help required with Swedish Controlled Bubble Lamp Christina

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Hi there,

I have just discovered this terrific site after searching for hours on the web for some information on a lamp I have.

The knowledgabel people on here may be able to provide the answer I am having so much difficutly in finding.

I haven't any photos ready to post as I wanted to ask 2 questions, one concerning the photos themselves.

OK re photos, the lamp has been sitting, unattended for MANY years & has acquire a lot of dust, the brass fittings are naturally oxidise or darkened like all unpolished brass.  The lamp itself is VERY dusty, should I clean it before photographing or photograph it 'as is' then clean it carefully [just the glass] to give a better view of the beautiful claret/ruby red colour ?

Re the lamp itself, it is in Australia, it stands 16cm high measuring only the glass section x 36cm circumference.  It has a label which is very worn but I am just able to read it with an eye glass. It reads CHRISTINA  MADE IN SWEDEN - above the christina is what could be described as the spokes of an umbrella or lines eminating from a map in a convex manner, all beinning at a singular point in the centre of the label. The label is oval, gold with gold lettering for christina & black for sweden.

It weighs a tad under 2kilos. It is cased glass - clear over ruby, with a dynamic controlled bubble pattern throughout the ruby section, the base is clear, the sides have [sorry, not sure of the terminology here] protruding pieces like someone has run their finger up into the glass whilst still wet leaving deep indentations which end in little 'cliff overhangings'..

 These 'indentations' are quite long & zig zag as in one up one down, like stepping stones.

Apologies for my poor description.

I will attempt to post some images tomorrow. I will be using photobucket australia is that suitable for this site ?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts & help

Welcome to the board. Dust it so we can see the detail (dust always looks a zillion times worse in photos). Then please use the attach facility so that the photos stay with the thread as a reference. You might delete the photos and Photobucket is always changing things so that even if you've done nothing your photos are no longer visible.

Resize high res photos take against a plain white background (and cropped so we have plenty of lamp and little background) so that the longest dimension is 700 pixels.
there is help to be had here,6522.0.html

Hi again,
apologies, I couldn't get back to this yesterday.

I have taken quite a few photos so will give link to photobucket but also ATTEMPT to add a photo here. I just have to work out where the attatchment button is.

I hope I have done that correctly, it is the email & IM link as I read HTML links are not accepted here.

I find the ATTACH area won't allow me to paste any links from photobucket so I don't know what else I can offer you.


This works well - even if people here prefer to stay away from third party hosts as they tend to lose content and the thread becomes redundant.

I think it is an Aseda lamp foot designed by Bo Borgstrom. Google images will reveal pages of colourful Aseda glass and you will find a decanter of very similar construction there. Hopefully someone else will chime in and confirm this - because others have worked in this style too.

You can only attach photos from your computer not from an external host site; it works the same way in effect as uploading pictures to Photobucket or an email


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