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Help required with Swedish Controlled Bubble Lamp Christina

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Swedishmom, thank you so much, I tried & tried to research this, googled till I dropped, looking at every art glass website I could find with my limited knowledge of the market place.  Saw a lot of the Bo Borgstrom pieces but never felt absolutely sure it was by him, you have just verified that little bit of doubt I had.

So is there a reference book, or catalogue for Orrefors, that depicts / outlines this particular design ?

CHRISTINA is in large letters across the centre of the label [the label is very different to anything I have seen of Bo B's which is where my initial doubts came from.

Again swedishmum, thank you !

--- Quote from: Swedishmom on December 14, 2012, 02:19:16 PM ---Hello there. Will try to clarify this. The lamp is NOT designed by Bo Borgström. This model was way before he was hired as the chiefdesigner at Åseda. I would say the 50:es. I guess that the production identification would be C-37 with a height of 200 mm. It came in following colours, brown, green, blue and red. An alternative would be nr 999 in the same colours added with clearglass. This model came also as vases and was often labelled/marked with F WA Johansson, Orrefors. But that was a retailercompany and not a glassmaker. Best wishes and congratulation to a lovely piece of glass.

--- End quote ---

It's not Orrefors, as Orrefors is a place as well as a glassmaker; in this case where the retailer was. I think it's probably still Aseda; at least that what I deduce from what Swedishmom meant.

Could the label read Christiania ,,,, a town in Sweden ?

No the label definitely says Christina

Lustrousstone - I have never seen this particular label before. So, I do'nt know why and what it means. Maybe Christina is a company/shop with its own label made.  And johnphilip Christiania is a very special part of Copenhagen in Denmark.  :P


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