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Help required with Swedish Controlled Bubble Lamp Christina

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Yes got the Tee shirt , but i am a good lad now , i believe there is one in Sweden also  , God Jul .har det bra .

Johnphilip, sorry to tell but in Sweden we have a city named Kristianstad and it's situated in tha southern part of Sweden in the county called Scania.
God Jul to You too.

I was probably thinking of the old capital of Norway , lots of senior moments!!!!!!!!  The Dansk one sounds good tho .

Merry Christmas everyone !! Hope you all had a truly lovely day & are really enjoying the silly season.

I've certainly had a relaxing & stress free time so far !!

Just to let you know I will be listing the lamp on ebay australia - probably february 2013. I will keep you all informed when I list it.

It is gorgeous, but I have so many lamps I really have nowhere to place it that does it service. It was my grandparents & I have NO idea how it came to be theirs, probably purchased in Sydney in the 50's when they lived in Coogee or Randwick..

I notice the link between posts asking us to use This Link To List Your Items On Ebay...I will have a look at that & see if I can figure out how to use the link.  I wish I had joined the boards earlier, as I have sold A LOT of gorgeous glass on ebay already. You possibly all saw it or bought it, but at least this way I will be keeping you informed of when it is listed.

In all honestly what do you experts feel is a realistic price for the lamp ? If you don't mind my asking. 

I know everyone loves a bargain but I would like to use the money to pay for some goodies for my mum [who is all but blind now], so would like to receive a fair price for her parents' lamp.

Happy New Year !!

Just looked at the ebay link, that is the US site & I have no idea how to set the postage FROM australia in their postage costs.

As the lamp is in the 4kg area packaged it would be very expensive to post to overseas & ebay have limits as to what you can place in the postage sections. As it would appear as 'being in the US' they probably wouldn't allow me to set the postage as HIGH as it would need to be, or would they ?

Also, if selling from australia, as a PRIVATE Seller, would I have to add any taxes to the lamp ?


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