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Help required with Swedish Controlled Bubble Lamp Christina

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Just list it on ebay Australia but tick the sell worldwide box; we can't all sell through ebay US.
Then post a link in the marketplace. The postage is likely to outweigh the value for anywhere outside Australia but anyone desperate will bid. Taxes are the buyer's problem.

Hi all,

As promised I am back to let you all know I have listed the lamp on ebay australia. I have given credit to Angela's message board & included some of the assistance you folk were kind enough to offer.

The item number is  -  251229454471

The title description, verbatim - 

Lamp CONTROLLED BUBBLE ART Glass WA Johansson/Augustsson Orrefors? Scandinavian

My seller ID - suitcase_of_memories

I thank you all for your advice & help & I hope if any of you purchase it you truly enjoy it, my grandparents were kindly & loving people, my grandad a WWII ANZAC, they were good people !


Sorry to come in late, but just to reinforce what Swedish mom wrote: This lamp is by Augustsson for the Swedish company Aseda.  The Johansson and Orrefors is a little bit of a red herring.  These two quotes are from a previous thread. The first quote is from me and the second quote is from Daniel S, a long time Orrefors worker.

"Interestingly,, who are pretty reliable, describe one of the pieces they sold this way:
"It's Swedish art glass from the town of Orrefors. This one isn't signed but a couple of other pieces in this design that we have owned (one in the same jet black) were signed and/or stickered FA.W.Johansson Orrefors. "FA" in Swedish stands for "Firm". The firm of W.Johansson was a business that bought and sold glass. We're not sure if it was only from Orrefors or from other glass factories and studios as well. Its founder was, a former hairdresser named W Johansson. They had their own engravers and marked most of the pieces that they sold with signatures and stickers."

from Daniel S:

Name is Walter Johansson, former hairdresser in Orrefors. He bought pieces from ie SEA, added a engraving or just his signature and sold it as his own.

He has NOTHING to do with THE Orrefors factory. Orrefors wanted him out of business but the name orrefors is not copyright protected.

Does this compare at all with the signature ?

Orup is for the designer Bengt Orup


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