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hello everyone. im new to this site and pretty new to paperweights although i now have around 30. i shall be putting photos on soon to see if you guys can help with id or valuation. i buy my paperweights because i like them if there worth anything..bonus.....i do like a caithness or two ;-)

Hi Shallyscarlet and welcome to the board !

We are friendly lot and I am sure that the many
experts who visit the board will be able to help
you with ID's on your weights. 

For each weight you want identified, make a seperate post.
Its best if you provide three in focus photos - one from the top
one from the side and another of the base. Each photo
should be a maximum of 125kb so 800 x 600 or 640 x 480

Look forward to trying to help you

Best regards



Hi Shallyscarlet.

Glad you found your way here - you should get lots of helpful and informed advice. ID in public is fine - valuations are more a private matter from willing individual members!


cheers Alan and thanks for the info xxx


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