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Did Holmegaard do the lotus candle holder in green?


Hello just a quick query i can see alot of holmegaard/royal copehagen lotus candleholders in flint clear glass but i seem to have one in green is this right?? Photos attached


The Lotus has been compromised because they licensed production to an Italian company who made hundreds of thousands of them. In Holland they served as premiums in the largest supermarket chain and as a result, there is not a fleemarket free of Lotuses (or Loti?) - often complete with the "made in Italy" box.  I would expect them to have used green as well.
The difference between a Holmegaard and and an Italian cannot be seen.

I came across a couple of Lime Green ones in an antiques centre & the other noticeble difference was that their bases were indented where my 19 yr old Holmegaard one isn't.

Was loooking at some uranium glass under a black light bulb and happened to have this near randomly put it under and it glows bright blue? Any idea the mineral that makes it change from green to bright blue under uv

It seems to be spreading across eBay that this is now by Venini, who bought the design from Holmegaard.  ???


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