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Whitefriars 9391 Bowl in Twilight.



I just wanted to post pictures of my Whitefriars 9391 bowl in Twilight colour.

I have spent a few years buying glass and then selling it on eBay, but soon discovered that I am better with glass than I am with money!  It's better for me to keep my investments in glass form for when that rainy day ever comes!  With this in mind, I hope that posting these photos will serve to assist someone with their own 9391 ID in the future.  I have not seen another like this, and don't think I will ever part with it.

To me these types of designs always look like they could translate to being thrown in clay, and I like that. 

The bowl weighs exactly 2kg, which is interesting because it was weighed on new digital (Salter) scales, which are accurate to the nearest gramme!  It is exactly 8" in diameter (never shy of mixing imperial and metric!) and is 3" tall.  The base has a polished pontil.

I hope someone out there might have further examples to view!

All the best,


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