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Blue Bird Unknown Maker

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Hello, can anyone ID the maker of this opalescent bird? I know I have seen this one some where before, and it's driving me crazy!

Many thanks,

Paul S.:
This may, or may not help  -  do you think there is any similarity with colours in my opalescent bird....,39082.msg216170.html#msg216170    although appreciate the depth of blue is stronger in your example.
As you can see, in view of the Murano label Rose and Anita agreed on my bird as being Fratelli Toso.      Of course, other factories may well have produced these opalescent animals :) 

I don't think the bird in question is opalescent - it's blue milk glass.  ???

Paul S.:
Sue - doesn't milk glass have to be opaque throughout?   -  although I agree that part of this bird does look opaque.        the answer here would be to hold the bird up to the light and look for the fiery glow.     

Thank you all for your information.


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