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Quality heavy cut vase

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Hi Guys, any help would be great.
Its a quality piece, 8 1/2" tall and thick glass which weighs 1.7kgs! The base has polished pontil and has been ground flat. Its has 4 hoops with incised cuts which are in columns.  No sig.
I have asked a few glassys and i have had pos Czech, Scandi and Keith Murray S&W, so im at a loss on this one.
Any ideas? TIA Wolfie

Anik R:
I don't recognise it, but I think it's lovely!

Paul S.:
I'd have said a much more recent production than the Murray period - hoops make me think of Finland.      Does it have a lead glass ring?
Had a look through Bill Geary's book, Leslie Pina, Miller's, but not coming up  -  sorry.

I have its smaller brother somewhere - just one ring - and I have always assumed it is Polish.

I haven't seen it before, so I can only speculate. Might be German given the thick clear crystal look, in which case Nachtmann would be my first suspect.



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