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Vintage paperweight with girls name

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Unfortunately been off my feet for a couple of weeks so not been able to get out and about and find anything.
So pleased when my son 'found' me this today :)
First thoughts, probably due to the name 'Lucy' British maybe.
Appears to have some age to it a dump, frigger maybe.
Thanks for having a look, more photos in the album link....

It looks like those thought to be made as souvenirs at the glass museum at St Helen's, now World of Glass. Not that old, second half of the 20th C. They sometimes come with yellow crocussy flowers

Hi Chris
Christine was spot on, this is a St Helens paperweight and you could have them made to order. I have seen them with names of people and clubs in them but here is my copy complete with flowers

Pilkington glass made these.. i wonder who the paperweight makers were?

The makers were said to be immigrant Czech workers, and maybe others who learned from them.

Whenever Pilkington were asked about the pieces, they simply said their company did not make paperweights.

The image below shows one of two boxes of such weights I saw some years ago when visiting a collector. The weight at the lower right corner appears to be much the same pattern as the one that started this thread.


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