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Libochovice ? part trinket set

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Looks very similar to Libochovice , part set includes 2 perfume bottles , a pair of candlesticks , lidded jar , ring tree and short candlestick.

Thanks Roy

I think that the branched candlestick is similar to that which appears on Anne's GTS site as part of Mystery Set 35:

It's the same, Fred, yes. I knew t'other Anne had one of these but had forgotten it was on GTS already. I can't find a match in the catalogues yet though.

John Smith:
Hi to you all... Am new here, so please give me some grace.  Have you seen this set complete with two bottles:

More pieces from another source.

In addition to the candlestick , lidded pot, perfume flask and ringholder, now have a nice clock that (from stylistically, and comparing the pattern on the foot with the candleticks) just has to be from the same set.

There is now also a tray not particularly distinctive in itself (and not, apparently,  the same as that in the Ruby Lane link), so still no real evidence that it is truly a part of a set with the other pieces.

Also two small posy/spill vases. The bodies are oval in section (rather than the chopped-off oval of the candlesticks, flasks, pot and ringholder), so Im not really sure if they are part of the set either (rather than a fortuitous mismatch).

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by collyweston).


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