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Frosted blue painted decor, - ID Bagley Filey 3008 set

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Have this nice 4 piece set in pale blue frosted glass with painted flower decoration. I thought possibly Bagley. Any confirmation or alternative suggestions appreciated John

Definitely Bagley, but I'm at work so no access to book for name

Thanks Christine, I now believe this to be "Filey" pattern. Is the painted decoration a common finish? John

Difficult to tell because it wears off, but cold-painted enamelling was on quite a lot of Bagley items post war and before they started applying transfers

John, I've seen some of these but not a lot. The Filey pattern, which this is, seems to have been one that various decorative techniques were applied to. I've also seen it with applied leather flowers!

May I add your pics to the GTS website to show this variant too please?


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