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Royal Brierley Advert.

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Dated 1938 with prices,a few examples... ;D ;D

some more..

David E:
Just got back, so I'm catching up a lot!

I find these old adverts fascinating and they are a real porthole into our glass heritage. Well worth saving! Also worth uploading the photos onto the Glass Gallery where they can be archived and enjoyed by all.

Thanks David,will do,by the way how's the book (Additions ) coming on? ;D ;D

David E:
Well, for every day that I wait, yet another new piece crops up that intrigues me - another photo was sent me only yesterday that has me stumped - probably another trial piece! So a little more investigation follows. The book will probably be around 100pp and the usual crop of pictures.

As you are probably finding out trying to photo those pages is difficult without getting some distortion, but I do have some software to correct this. Of course, the flatter it is to begin with, the better.


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