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Royal Brierley Advert.

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If I can figure out how to use my new scanner I'll try using that instead,might have to ask the kids ::) ;D ;D

nigel benson:

Keith, is this not the catalogue with the mauve/purple cover??

Not an 'advert' if so  ;)


That's the one,I presumed it came with one of the items advertised in the booklet,am I in trouble with the board :o ::),would some kind moderator delete the pictures if need be :( :(

nigel benson:

It ain't a problem since the catalogue came out so long ago and is herefore likely out of copyright. In any case the company that produced it no longer exists (not that that necessarily means there's no copyright).

I was just pointing out that it's a catalogue, not an advert. I doubt it came with every item sold that is shown in it, even in those far off days ??? More likely something that was put out in department stores for interested customers, or people wanting to show OH's etc., etc. This was still done up to recent times, when they became more like a leaflet showing one range.

I used to collect them every time I visited stores, now they come in useful - particulary the ones I picked up in my early days of collecting, before becoming a, that wouldn't date back to the one you've got ;) :D

Cheers, Nigel

I have a similar catalogue (it looks to be the same, apart from the fact that mine is undated). I was led to believe that it was one of a batch printed in the Summer of 1939 but never distributed because of the outbreak of war in the September.


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