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Unusual Glass Vase - ID = Benny Motzfeldt for Randsfjord Glass, Norway

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I don't think there's much age to this piece but just thought it looked interesting. Remain of paper label to base but gives no clue. Any ideas gratefully received.

Benny Motzfeldt for Randsfjord Glass, Norway -- lovely!


Great stuff. Thanks Michael. Much appreciated!

flying free:
and a beautiful version of it too - they are often in all blue or all green (I have a green one) but the two colours are lovely in yours.  They look fantastic on a window sill with the light coming in behind them.
Benny didn't make these I don't believe, but did design them.  They came in different sizes and look fab grouped together.  I used to have a smaller square squat version as well.

A lovely piece and part of a great series. I think Benny was strictly a designer, both at Randsfjord and at Plus.



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