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Unusual Glass Vase - ID = Benny Motzfeldt for Randsfjord Glass, Norway

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flying free:
David I understood that the pieces she signed herself were made by her?
as opposed to those with nothing on or a label (Randsfjord Glass) or a stamped plusBM  (Plus Glass)

she was a he

flying free:
She was a she ...unless I'm missing something?  In your link they made a mistake in the first line of the translation but thereafter refer to her as she Ivo  :)

David, I should correct what I said above, I understood they were made with her involvement, rather than those unsigned by her that were production line pieces but designed by her. 


To clear up any misunderstanding: Benny Motzfeldt was indeed a she (middle name Anette). She was a designer first at Hadeland (1955-67), then at Randsfjord (1967-70) and finally at Plus. It was at Plus she became truly famous. Here she worked in the glassworks with a team of three glassblowers, making sketches on paper and on the floor of the works, laying out pieces of coloured glass, copper wire and whatever else she wanted to incorporate in each individual piece. Her glassblowers would execute each piece as she, standing by their side, instructed - much as a film director would guide his/her actors through a scene. These one off pieces are signed BM and the year it was made. The simpler pieces made for «mass production» are stamped with the Plus logo and her initials. She was working with her glassblower team almost to the end; she died in 1995, having made the bulk of her work after turning 60.


flying free:
thank you mbmb :)
My pieces are signed by her as you say BM and the date


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