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2 flowered P/W s bohemian ? studio ?


Two flowered P/Ws very similar in makeup, one with 6 petals 2.750 inches dia and 2 inches tall rough concave pontil mark, the 2nd has 3 petals and is 3 inches dia and 2.250 inches tall with the same rough concave pontil mark.
I have not had much luck in trying to find the origin so please forgive me for posting 2 P/W together.
Many thanks


I would agree these look 'Bohemian', meaning they were made in what is nowadays the  Czech Republic.  The colour of the glass and the base finish suggest first half 20th C to me, but I doubt you will manage to tie them down to a specific factory.


Many thanks Alan, I am beginning to recognise the odd P/W and its only due to the members / information on this site and others, again thank you.


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