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Maryam, I've merged your original request with the one from today as duplicate requests for the same item confuse us.

hi again everyone,

Thank you for all your help (sorry John I missed your help back in December)

From the supurb Walter Giltert Sculpture to now the TK MAXX  both ends of the spectrum, sorry for asking but happy at the result.

How one name can make a big difference. I searched (TK MAXX Glass) last night - I found some similar ones being sold in a London Boutique (via an internet search) and saw a similar one in the backround of one of the photos, obviously all they said about the pieces were 'hand blown'.

Thank you all  again - I will be listing it at half the price I found probably this weekend on Ebay but i have just weighed it and before packing it weighs an astonishing 4 kilos almost so international shipping will be high.

Kindest Regards

For competitive prices on heavy parcels for domestic and international post I always check:

There are other brokers offering the same service too.


Thanks John,

Yes I have looked at them before - for international I use Transglobal (if EEC country I try to use someone else out of protest because for these their quotes do not include VAT, and i believe they should be transparent).

Last month I had to send a good Maling Bowl to southern Ireland I couldn't get it delivered for less than about 25, in the end the client had it delivered to Northumberland (her Brothers).

Life would be a whole lot easier if we had one shipper to do all our deliveries but like insurance we find you generally have to shop around (obviously we have to do our best for the client even if the are paying for it).



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