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Help to ID Glass Bowl

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I did wonder - but decided there was rather more "finesse" than usual, hence the JC suggestion.  :-[
I haven't seen these in TKMaxx ... yet

Hi everyone I am still trying to ID this quality Art Vase - last tried December


I thought this had been positively id'd as contemporary Chinese?
They really are improving a lot now! This is lovely.

Thanks Sue,

Thank you for your reply

No it had not been positively advertised as Chinese - someone thought it might be an English Artist (can't remember who she said now), but when I checked her work I could find nothing similar.

The Chinese does turn out a large amount but it isn't really a Chinese iconic flower in the design but maybe it is. It is particularly well made, the glass is also very good and it is exceptionally heavy; I am more steered to European more (but again it isn't signed and I am dating it 1970+ because of the other pieces I obtained in the same collection which were all 60's-70's).

Thanks again

flying free:
I also think these are Chinese. I think we've had one on the site before with similar flowers.
They are beautiful - I nearly bought one a few years ago and decided not and wish I had now. 
Are the 'flowers' made with millefiori?


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