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Ysart flower previously doubted is back on e-bay

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Tony G:
Hi All,
         the Ysart weight that originally appeared at Boldon auctions and then on e-bay(but withdrawn), is back on e-bay. The seller did previously list it as a possible fake after input from some members but is now listing it as Ysart confirmed by 2 "experts". Has this been confirmed by KevH or other reputable reference from this site and I have missed it ?

I can understand if the signature cane has been distorted but it still looks doubtful on the, admitedly very small, photo.

Thanks, in anticipation, for your guidance.

Original GMB thread: Got a bad feeling about this, real or fake Paul Ysart?

Latest eBay listing. I cannot see where it says, "confirmed by 2 "experts", but nevertheless I can confirm that I have not told anyone that the weight in question is by Paul Ysart.

Tony G:
Hi Kev,
           sorry. Forgot to say that I asked a question of the seller and the reply was that "two experts had confirmed it as genuine". I would have thought that if you were really confidant, you would use large multiple pictures rather than one very small picture.


PS Thanks for the confirmation that one of our main experts hadn't confirmed this weight as genuine.

I just messaged an eBay seller

Well done... You have now joined the long list of eBay con-artists.

I messaged the seller yesterday to say it was still a  I thought it was the same seller as acouple of weeks ago who told me they were going to contact Boldon auctions for a refund. Actually it seems to be a different seller although the photo seems the same?

I got the same verified by 2 experts message.


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