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Ysart flower previously doubted is back on e-bay

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Me too - I got the same response "I do not believe or agree this paper weight is fake because it was assessed as genuine last week by two independent experts." 

I have asked the seller to tell me who these independent experts are, as I will probably know them....I doubt I will get a reply.


No reply to me asking the same question either. When originally posted under her other user name she first reliisted as a fake then withdrew it from sale. In messages to me after I explained my purchase and refund of the same weight and showing her the links to Frank and Kevin's sites showing it was a fake she was going to contact the auction house to request a refund. I offered further info if needed.

I'm guessing she was fobbed off by Boldon auctions so has decided to relist it.

Incidentally Frank if my images on the first thread are of use for the fakes section of your website please feel free to use them, or I can send the originals.


Yes please.

Notice Item specifics - Blown Glass, 1930s/40s  :-X

just had some photos of the weight and a bigger photo of the PY cane .. as we all know its defo the fake one lol  .. so why cant they use the bigger photos on ebay? because they know its a fake

Frank, did you mean you'll use the images posted on here or you'd like the originals?


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