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Ysart flower previously doubted is back on e-bay

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Just checked both accounts in Middlesex so the same seller using the same photo.

Hi everyone,

I contacted the seller also and referred him to the earlier thread started by Nick77. However, he replied that he was not in the business of peddling fakes and that the flower weight had been confirmed as genuine Paul Ysart by two experts. We have done all we can. At least, no GMB member will be taken in by this item. Let's hope that whoever buys it, knows it for what it is, a good example of a PY fake.


Just asked HER the names of these experts any why she thought it necessary to hide behind a different account this time.


I've just fired off a message asking why she thinks this well known fake is genuine. I await her reply....


I got the same reply as Sophie. But yes those miniature images give the game away really, but I guess someone could still get suckered.


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