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Paperweight ID needed. ID = Whitefriars 9308


I bought this the other day. Controlled bubbles around a central bubble. Nicely made with polished concave pontil mark. The colour is slightly neodymium - in a way. Just wondered if its maybe Czech.


Looks like a Whitefriars 9308 large in Arctic Blue.

I have looked in my book, can't see much. A search on net shows me more, very similar pieces. Mine is just under 3" diameter so can't be the large. Are the bubbles the same. Mine look a bit different.


Yeah I took a guess on the size it looked bigger. ;)

Three inch is the small size. Bubble pattern looks spot on to me.

I have one in every colour and both sizes.

Love to see a pic of every colour together.  mine are packed away at the moment due to lack of space!


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