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George Elliot unsigned piece just a guess.........


Bought this little vase in a shop and couldnt make my mind up on whether it was a decent piece or not. But upon reading my charles hajdamach in bed i came across some similar work by a george elliot so i started looking around he seems to of signed much of his pieces so not too sure as this one isnt. The main body of glass is a nice sort of sky blue with the decoration inside being a blue trail which has been run around the centre of the body.  The central white almost porcelain disc can be fet on the outside of the piece as it is slightly coarse to the finger nail,the base has a slightly pushed in  sharp pontil scar almost like a cross in the cetre of it more than likely where the rod was broken away. The piece measures 3.5" tall 3.1/4" wide. Any views  very welcome...

I know very, very little about George Elliot - I only recently acquired my first piece and have only seen photographs of a few others, so my very uninformed opinion is that - I think it is concievably possible that he is the maker of your little vase.  :)

Thanks sue,
Im not getting very far with it myself but i do feel its a possibility..


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