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Question re wording "of Lalique design"

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If you saw the words "of Lalique design" in a sale listing, would it make you believe this item was Lalique, or that  it was an item "in the style of Lalique"? Please don't link to any examples found online, I'm just interested in how people would interpret that wording, thanks.  8)

was Lalique

"of Lalique design" sounds the same as "designed by Lalique" to me, so yeah, was Lalique.

flying free:
I would read it as a fake Lalique piece.  However I am a very suspicious person and unless something says
'A Lalique (or insert other designer/maker) vase' or ' A  Lalique (or insert other maker/designer) bowl' I would not purchase.

If it's Lalique, why not say so? I'd be suspicious immediately, I'd ignore it.
Wouldn't even click the link to see an enlargement. ;D


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