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Question re wording "of Lalique design"

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I would say if its not called Lalique then however it's worded it's either not or is in the style of,keeps you safer that way.

Thanks all, it's interesting to see how you view this. :)  What I was trying to establish was if that form of wording could confuse people into thinking it might be by Lalique... which, when I read it, was what I thought it meant - i.e. a design by Lalique. 

Words are part of my stock in trade, so writing clear descriptions is important to me, and when I spotted this one it set me thinking about how it would be interpreted by people who know about glass, and also by those who know very little about glass, but who may have heard of Lalique.

The price they are asking should help. They obviously know who Lalique was so I believe they would actually say it was by him.

Jobling bought an actual Lalique design and used it on one of their Bowls - so if they said it was Jobling and it was originally designed by Rene Lalique that would be fine.

About 10 years ago some fake Laliques hit the market, originating from Barbados then.

If a dealer has this discription then it is probably definately NOT Lalique as they would say Lalique if it was.

In an  Auction room they would say Lalique style if it was wrong.

Have you any photo's?


it would depend on the words around it for me. like others said though. I'd be thinking fake cause if it was lalique they'd be stating it as such.

Hi Maryam, the item in the listing isn't Lalique, and the auction house have told me they know it isn't Lalique, so that's not the issue. :)

The question I was mulling over was the wording, "An opalescent glass bowl of Lalique design" which was used in the catalogue and how it would be interpreted by potential buyers; especially given that another item in the same catalogue was described as "A Lalique cut-glass oval bowl of naturalistic design". The 2nd item was indeed a bowl of naturalistic design, so one could possibly make the assumption that the other "of Lalique design" meant that it was Lalique, in the same way as "of naturalistic design" meant it looked naturalistic.


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