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Whose hedgehog is this?

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Not a phrase that I ever thought I would use.

I picked up this beast of a paperweight at an auction recently and am having difficulty in identifying the artist.  It is signed "M Jankin" or "M Jankiv" (see the picture of the signature), I can't tell which.

Any pointers as to where I should look would be appreciated.


Janku I believe.,50007.msg282639.html

Thanks Christine, I hadn't realised that your knowledge extended to the paperweights as well.  Much appreciated!


Only a bit and the purists would argue that he was not a paperweight. I do read everything on the board though and some of it sticks

Christine is absolutely spot on there Neil53.

I have one in Neodymium , and surprisingly, another with a Bleikristall label which I think is genuine enough in your colourway. 
But the M. Janku is Zelezney Brod.

Here are some pictures of each.  The Bleikristall has no signature,  just a label,  but is so like the ZBS one, I wonder if
M. Janku  worked there for a while??

You may point it in my direction if you ever want to sell it can't have too many hedgehogs!! :)


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