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Whose hedgehog is this?

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That is good news Anik...and it is thanks to you that I started my interest in ZBS and M Janku, so I will now add him to my list of ZBS pieces.

Hi Rosie,

Thanks for the input and the pictures.  I must say that hedgehogs aren't my thing so I will be putting it up for sale on ebay in the New Year.  I'll let you know when I do.

Happy Christmas and New Year to both you and Christine.


And the same good wishes to you as well Neil.... yes please do let me know.

Rosie. :)

Look wht I just found!!  I thought there was a touch of Dejavu about it!!,50007.0.html

Did anyone mention Miloslav Janku?? Ive got some crackers!!!! 15" signed giraffe for starters :)

I have asked...  and am now on my knees waiting for a reply!!  He is soooo beautiful.   ;D


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