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Whose hedgehog is this?

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Neubert Bleikristall is German though. A quick Google doesn't reveal anything about the company, so perhaps a retailer or wholesaler

That hadn't even occurred to me Christine... do you think that means my Hedgehog might be a ZBS piece then?

Depends how identical they are. Can't tell from photos

Hi Christine, apart from mine having no signature,  I would say they were close enough as hand made pieces can be.... I will be posting pictures of my Janku collection soon,  but not sure I can include this one yet....I will try to get some better pictures....who knows Neil53,  we may have twins!  :)

Anik R:
Rosie, I think both are 100% Miloslav Janku for ZBS.  Not all his pieces were signed (I've got 7 of his fish and a seal, and not one bears his name).  I'd say the label is an importer's label, as Christine suggested.

All three hedgehogs are lovely.


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