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Galle vase - is this wheel carved or acid etched please?

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flying free:
I'm trying to understand the difference between what is wheel carved cameo and what is acid etched.
I have a vase (not Galle) that has a similar surface to this and I assumed it was acid etched.
So is this vase wheel carved as it states or is it acid etched please?

edited to add: I've finally found a picture that enlarges of wheel carved glass here  from Bonhams

There is a difference between the two finishes as far as I can see  :-\
thanks :)

Looks acid etched to me,a bit difficult without holding the piece to be certain, ;D ;D

flying free:
I'm even less sure now than I was to be honest. 
 I've just found another that I can get a real close up on, a Daum vase sold by Christie's and it looks the same as the first one I linked to and is also described as wheel carved.  Perhaps you can't judge from photos by the finish on the 'background'.
I need to get to more museums lol.

As I recall, wheel ground leaves thin parallel lines from the diamond or sand coating on the wheel (if you catch it in reflective light). Where as acid leaves the dimpled (melted) look to the surface that you see around the Galle signature in the liveauctioneers photo.
But how easy it is to see depends on what has been used afterwards to polish the surface.

Fuhrman Glass:
It could be both. Many times etched pieces were then taken and wheel cut to give some sharper edge details and vice versa. Wheel cut pieces were many times acid polished after cutting. It's difficult to be sure exactly what the exact procedure was used on many pieces. Some companies and individuals had techniques that they used to give unique appearances. I'd question any of the experts who haven't done a fair amount of different techniques and combinations of techniques themselves. Amazing what can be accomplished in today's world with even sandblasting. Copper wheel, stone wheel, and diamond wheel cutting all give different results depending upon who is doing it.


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