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Sowerby glass cups

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Paul S.:
although this doesn't really have anything to do with Roy's custard cups, I thought the following comment from the people at Kew quite  relevant to our occasional fruitless searches for items which should appear in the Blue Book, but are missing.        Glass items which should be under the CLASS III           

From 1842 to 1883 the representations were filed according to their 'material classification' (what
they were made of - see the classification table below). The clerks sometimes placed items in the
wrong material class, so that a book binding may be mis-filed as a carpet (as was BT 50/52
design 38781).

Paul S.:
sorry, an incomplete post. :-[

should read................"Glass items which should be under CLASS III, but are registered as CLASS IV - so goes to show that those nice people at The National Archives are aware of the problem."

Obviously twelve hour days in Dickens time took its toll on the minds of the Board of Trade workers. ;D


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