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Whiplash bowl or tazza - any ideas?


Bought this yesterday. It is in the art nouveau style but is very shiny and new looking. It may have a bit of age though. Purple iridescent glass has an amazing sheen to it. Beautifully made with whiplash tendrils supporting a bowl. The bowl is cased in white and the rim is very well ground an polished, the execution is slick. 6 inches high. No marks.

Wondered what it might be maker wise. If it turns out to be Chinese, well it was a few pounds and I like it.

Thanks Adam P

These are modern and Polish: Jozefina or Makora

It's rather a better piece than most I've seen - I think - are the tendrils cobalt blue?

Hi thanks. I thought it was modern, very well made. Polish, ah well I like it and it was very cheap. Gotta take a risk sometimes. The tendrils are a deep iridescent purple as is the whole piece is. A lot of work has gone into it, the rim is fine polished and the white overlay is perfect.



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