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Creamer - Chain & Shield (Portland) 1875

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Made by Portland Glass co. (Maine, USA)

1875, Chain & Shield.
Model : Creamer (CCR).

Condition : no chips nor any cracks.

Value : this antique glassware is generally valued at 35 $.
I am selling this for my father who is an expert on antique glassware. This web site also confirms its value.

This piece was found and bought in Quebec City in July 2008.

It is on eBay till December 16, 2012 (16:00 EST)

Welcome to the board. The design is chain and shield; the manufacturer is Portland Glass Co

Ok, thank you - I'll make the corrections on eBay.

As there were zero bids nor "watchers" after 5 days, I changed the listing to a fixed price. (here)

Relisted on eBay with a fixed price.

Any suggestions ? Does anyone buy antique glassware on eBay ?

This is a test for my father. We are both surprised by the zero bids for this item when it was in auction mode, though I figure people are content with looking for antiques in various fleemarkets and the likes, rather than buying on eBay, especially with shipping costs.


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