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A ‘D’- shaped tray in pressed frosted uranium glass for ID

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Two photos of a ‘D’- shaped tray in pressed frosted uranium glass, 33cm x 16.5cm x 2.5cm deep. Two small side handles, and the base of the tray has a transverse panel of parallel ridges which is flanked by curved ribs spreading from the centre of the curved side of the tray.

(Permission  for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by gillianofnorwich).

Pamela shows a set in amber with a similar tray as ‘unknown’ at

Does anyone have photos of more pieces from this set in uranium green, or any other colour than amber, to share, please ?

Any suggestions as to ID?

More pieces, this time in an unfrosted green uranium set.

Two sizes of lidded pot (whereas Pamela's set has two pots of the same size), so perhaps a complete set has 3 pots (2 of one size and one of another). Pamela's amber set is unfrosted too.

(Permission for the re-use of these image on GMB granted by John Watson).

Can anyone tell me which set this uranium pin dish belongs to is quite small measures 9.5 cms x 4.5 cms  :)

Angela it's shown on Pamela's site as unknown still.

Also a thread here on the set, mods may wish to merge.,50642.0.html

Thanks very much for that Jayne at least I know now what the set should look like.  :)


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