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Cut green overlay vase. ID = Nachtmann


What Ho! Im sure someone will get this in a flash!!
Beautiful vase, thick glass with cut green overlay. It has the distributors label on the base but is unsigned. It has a polished pontil and the base is flat ground. The label reads Hermann Berns - Minden.
I was thinking VSL but  I would love opinions first :) thanks for your help Wolfie

its a Nachtmann - Im not too sure about the date, but Id guess 60s or 70s.  :)

Hi Dirk, correct on both accounts!!
I got an email back from Kirsten Berns as the shop is still running, it reads,
"this vase was made by the Nachtmann company; as we estimate by the label underneath it was sold in our shop between 1960 and 1970"

Hi guys!

By chance i found this thread and it helped me to ID a vase :-)
I have the identical vase but without the green parts, it is completely clear.
Height = ca. 14cm



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