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John Smith:
Hi, Is there anybody out there who can positively identify the maker of my lamp please.
It is a very impressive 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide. All parts are original vintage.
I think it too early for D’Aevsn, but? (and I hesitate to add) perhaps even Cire Perdue by R Lalique.
The glass is particularly grainy, as to the above suggestion.
I have established that it is not German and is most probably French.
It is certainly a lamp of outstanding quality and most probably unique,
an exhibition piece perhaps? It does seem very strange that this incredible piece is unrecorded?
There are no maker marks anywhere to be found. The scene is of Penelope, cousin of Helen of Troy. She is flanked by two images of Pan: Agreus and Nomios who both together are trying (unsuccessfully) to seduce Penelope, under/within the foliage & branches of a pine tree.
It is stunning. Have you ever seen one before? Can you help me please in any way?

Your assistance would be most welcome. Many thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome!  :)
I'd say this is satinated - not (sadly) cire perdue. I'm afraid this isn't my sort of area - lamps are notoriously difficult to id - often because they're modifications of other designs and end up not marked in the "usual" way for that manufacturer.
The good news is that even without ids, lamps are highly desirable things.
I'm sure somebody else will have a better idea of where to point you - or even be able to recognise it. It's certainly a quality thing.

John Smith:
Many thanks for your rapid reply!
It certainly is a beauty... I have never seen one quite like it, and it's undoubtedly of its period.
I have compared the glass to other moulded glass that I have for example, by d'Avesn, Hunebelle, Etling etc., but this lamp is not moulded glass, and being flat (like a luminaire) pate de verre or cire perdue sprang to mind... but only with caution.

On top quality moulded things, the mould seams are often polished off...
But you are better off talking to somebody who does know this period and style of stuff!
I'm sure a proper "somebody" will be along soon.  :)

John Smith:
Many Thanks Chopin-Liszt.  :)  I hope so!  I am familiar with press moulded glass and have many pieces, but this lamp has me stumped... The seller also had no idea about it, though mentioned that it featured at the 1925 Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. However, one can take that with a pinch of salt unless it can be established. It just amazes me more than anything, that this lamp is not a doccumented piece. Though if it IS an exhibition piece, then it is very true that not all items were factory marked. It is after all a large lamp at 16 inches, and it has quality, with a capital "Q". It would be easy for me to get carried away thinking that I have found the glass "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" but not without provenence... Let's see what these pages can bring. Every little helps no matter how small, and I give my thanks to you all. 


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