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Monart ! WMF ? or something else

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Seen this on ebay, I don't believe (IMHO) that it is a Monart piece. Does anyone have an idea of the maker.

Not really my area, although my first thoughts were WMF Ikora...

I don't think the colour has come out well in their pics - if the last two (before the chip pics) are better representative of it, then I reckon it is Monart.
There's a MASSIVE cylinder vase in this colourway in Perth Museum - just about my favourite bit of Monart.
However, this bit up for auction has a horrendous price on it - and it's damaged.

Price is a bit steep although it is stunning and the chip is not a problem. Very nice.  Imagine how it would change if it had been twisted after the dip mould as was normally done.

Must have gone to Germany in the days when people use to say about Monart  "What is this..." reply "WMF Ikora".

If this a Monart piece what catalogue shape would it be.
The link below shows a WMF Ikora bowl with the same colours as the bowl on ebay.


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