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Paul, can you please put me out of my misery about the accuracy of the colours, if you know these beasts personally?

The blue is spot-on as shown in the current ebay listing.  The red here is perhaps a little light, or orangey, but is quite close; it could just be this example, though.  The others I've seen have been a little darker red, less orangey, but not much.  Also, in some others I've seen, the stripes have been pretty difficult to determine, very faint.  I was just looking at the pontil photos on the piece currently listed on ebay, and noticed that the center pontil mark appears to have only one grind, and not a smaller grind inside a larger one.  That would make this the first single grind I've seen.  But, it looks like the base pushes upwards, as with the others I've seen.  Maybe someday someone will come along with one with a label or signature, and put it to rest.

flying free:
oddly enough the way that foot is finished at the edge somehow reminds me yet again of my amber crackle bowl with green stripes.  But my amber bowl is very heavy for size and does not ring.  Also, does that bowl have a ridged ring sandwiched between the bowl and the foot?

There is no ring between the bowl and the base of the bowl, the base is just a direct extension of the bowl.  I wonder if the foot / base may have been molded in some way?  Not sure.  Also, you can see quite clearly in the photos for the current listing that the bottom of the inside / top of the bowl comes upwards in a convex manner.


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