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Depression Glass Reproductions


Hello!  A couple of questions I hope you may have the answers to.  I certainly can't find the answer on line after researching.
Were reproductions made of Hazel Atlas Glass Co. "Florentine 1" green pitcher?
When someone refers to Hazel Atlas Glass Co. Flat Bottom Tumblers and they state "no ribbed sides" what does that mean?
Thank you for any insight and expertise you can pass my way.

Hi, welcome to the board.

Interesting question. It may take a while but hopefully somebody with knowledge of Hazel Atlas Glass will be along soon and can give some information.

Gene Florence only mentions repro shakers, as does Mauzy.

I think the ribbing or not refers to the fact that Florentine No 1 flat bottomed tumblers are hexagonally panelled whereas as No 2 are round

Thank you Lustrousstone for taking the time to anwer my questions - very much appreciated!:) 


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