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Frog Frog, Who made me?

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No, thats flamingos and its from another maker (Inwald). The bowl I was referring can be seen in Pamela's website. If you click on the figurine / centrepieces page, you can find an example under the unknown section B


Paul S.:
I've had a look through the catalogue for Libochovice before 1958, on the  Sklo Union CD, but don't see this frog.         Plenty of other animals and birds, but not this.              Does give a new meaning to the expression flower frog though ;)

John Smith:
Hi Meegs... Schweig, Muller & Co., could be a possible contender? This bowl by Walther & Sohne would suit it nicely! Seerosen (lily) pattern. Finding one in clear frosted glass will not be easy... 

Thanks Paul, although I grouped the 3 satin/frosted clear frogs together because of there similarities there are many differences too. The frog feels smoother/softer than the other two he has 10 flower holes versus 8 for the others and the finish on these holes is different. The holes are more flared or have a much greater diameter on the bottom side  than the top side on the duck and penguin where as the frogs the diameter looks the same top and bottom.

Brenton, yes I see what you mean, I'll have to put that bowl on the want list!

John, finding any quality figural pressed glass in Australasia is not easy! Pieces are snapped up quickly by collectors and prices are usually much more in excess locally of what is available on e-bay (including shipping/customs costs). Having said that I perhaps we (the collectors) are prepared to pay more when you can physically handle the piece before purchase!

Thanks for all your help and suggestions,

Know what you mean about glass being snapped up by collectors usually by collectors in your own backyard such as Oz.
I get annoyed myself when Australians want all glass in UK but aren't prepared to part with any of their own...tight as a ducks bum as we would say.


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