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Atomizer, Probably Czech, Hardware & Label Marked Paris, France

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Probably a tough one. I think this atomizer is more likely Czech in origin with French hardware. It does have an old metalized tag, but it is a bit difficult to read, I think its something like DeBany Paris although it may be a retailer's tag & not a manufacturer. Any opinions/observations appreciated. Thanks, Ken

Bernard C:
Ken Don't forget that in the cosmetics industry "Paris" is virtually meaningless, bearing little or no relationship to the geographical locations of company HQs and factories.

I read it as "DeBary" or "DeBars".   Googling these two interpretations didn't seem very productive, but then it all depends on what other keywords you use.

Bernard C.  8)

The glass has to be Czech, perhaps Welz

Thanks Bernard & Christine...I am a bit late as had to go out of town. Son & Daughter both think label says DeBay...figured it was Czech with French embelishments. 

I think is is banf, last letter is stylised but need high res image of label to tell.

De Banf pops up as the name of a French count, a place in Canada, Argentina and Scotland (correctly Banff for last)


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