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Tangerine Bricklayer - are there any fakes out there?

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I bought this online here in Oz recently - it arrived yesterday.
Before purchasing I checked it against the fakes information on   It looked okay to me, so I bid on it. - also I did find an item on that stated that there were no fake tangerine bricklayers (that was as at 2009 though)

to me it feels okay - it looks okay - I have a tangerine jug and a tangerine bark vase, and had a coffin vase too until recently,  and weight, heft, clarity etc all seem okay. However the colour does seems little less vivid - certainly less vivid than the jug - see picture.

I posted positive feedback for the seller (who by the way did not use the word Whitefriars in the advert) , and today received an email from someone I don't know advising me that I had possibly bought a fake and to have it checked.  I can only assume they got my details as the buyer from the feedback I left.

Would appreciate opinions please, and does anyone know if there have now been any fake tangerine bricklayers discovered?
 It is 20 cm or approx 8 inches tall. Will also post to but can only upload one photo there - hence why my query  is here!
I probably  have no comeback against the seller anyway - but would appreciate your comments - Emmi in particular if you are out there!
West Oz

"Drunken bricklayers" in a wide range of colours are everywhere here; I suspect you bought a dud

Hi Jak, pretty sure it's a copy if you look at the genuine one in this link and look at the top four left indentations the right hand two of the indentations almost touch each other. There are more than one type of copy the one in the black and white talc photos  on is an Horncastle studios one which as five indentations in the top rather like a five spot on a dice which differs from yours.
Which may have confused you. So unless Whitefriars changed the mould at sometime and used more than one which I am pretty sure they did not it's a copy I'm afraid and sell in the UK for around 20.
 I am here to be shot down and and could be completely wrong so please wait for another opinion  :)
Here is the genuine one....
Had a look at the listing and pretty sure the seller knew what is was, just enough information to let you think you were getting a bargain with no come back on them. The thing is they are that well known a model you don't after go overboard with the description a lot just play it 'cool' and reckon not to know anything about it and hope to 'hook' bidders into thinking they are getting a bargain? I think your only redress is to get in touch with the seller point them here and hope they are fair enough to let you return it but to be honest how they have worded the listing is quite cute so really have not done a lot wrong.
If ever you have concerns in the future please feel free to ask me before you bid I promise I will not 'gazzump' you  ;D

Hi Jakgene,

That was me that sent you the email. It was originally listed as Whitefriars Baxter piece and at $375 if I remember correctly. I informed the seller that it was a fake and the response I got was quite rude LOL.

24hrs later they removed the Whitefriars and the Baxter information and it still had the same price. It was the lowered to the price you paid for it. I thought the purchaser had a right to now they were being over charge on it.

When I first saw it I knew it didn't look right.

Thanks to everyone for your assistance with this. Looks as I have been had!

Thanks to Kane particularly.

Kane could you please email me off board  via my link. - I don't see an email link under your name

 I would like to ask a couple of questions but not on here.




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