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Walther black plinth for single figures available

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Hello Walther lovers
I have now got one of these seldom seen Walther plinths for the single figures spare if anyone is interested?
Cheers Nige

This will fit all Walther figures and this one has a recess in base to alow a light and flex to be passed through.
BTW Dylan please don't reply to this post I don't appreciate your inputs.
Cheers Nige

John Smith:
May I ask if the plinth has a hole on its top to accommodate a lamp fitting? Oh, and may I have the Petri, please?  :)  :)

Hi John
You can have the Petri for a green Haarlem if you have one?
Joking aside the black base is hollow so any Walther figure fits in.
I have just aquired another of these so this is a spare.Cheers Nige

John Smith:
Shucks... I only have the Haarlem in iridescent opalescent-flashed Ruby, and so I guess its no use to you.. lol ;D


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