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Selkirk 1981 Dragonfly green aventurine weight Peter Holmes sig cane

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Should add, lovebirds is 1979, the other 2 are much later at 1991 and 1994.


flying free:
ooh lovely. I do like both those butterflies.  It's amazing how the colours of butterflies change the way the eye 'sees' the weight- i.e. to me I am now  looking down on the top of the butterflies settling in a flower bed rather than as the dragonfly seeming to look up at it through trees.
I love these weights.  I think they photograph particularly poorly - it is one of those pieces that, when you actually have it to look at, is far more stunning than conveyed on screen.
Thanks for adding your pictures, it's lovely to see the other versions.


--- Quote from: flying free on December 16, 2012, 03:32:52 PM ---Wuff if you would like pictures please let me know.
--- End quote ---
Yes - that would be nice, to show how different individual weights can be, despite nominally being the same design.

Just one question: your weight is signed 1981 - correct - but you have seen one signed 1978? I am asking as in the 1978 catalogue only Butterfly and Love Birds show up. Dragonfly first shows up in 1980. Attached scans of the catalogue images.

flying free:
Wuff, I think it must have been the one I found referenced on here
it was the only dragonfly I could find as I said -,38737.msg231609.html#msg231609
so probably not from the same series then

Indeed, apart from the one in the catalogue, the one Pooleandpaperweights posted and mine, I've only been able to reference one other at all, which is strange given they were not limited edition. 

Attached is an image of the 1978 Dragonfly (LE 250) - yes, I would love to get a better picture ::).


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